Saturday, August 25, 2012

YAY!!! Abby Update... God is so GOOD!!!

♥ YAY... YAY... YAY!!!♥

Abby Update!!! Did I say YAY? :) God is so good, loving and faithful!!! He heard all our prayers and answered!!! The vet called and said that the results are in and they couldn't get any better. There's no mitosis....There are no cancer cells that extended past the tumor. Which means the tumor was totally encapsulated with plenty of healthy tissue left around it. So the 2 cm margin she made around the entire tumor was more than enough. She got the entire thing out. It's a low grade tumor which means it has a very small chance if any of coming back if any and they don't spread. :) YAY! Thank you Jesus!! Abby is getting lots of rest. Seems to be happy, eating, drinking, etc. Thanks for all your prayers!!!

Please continue to pray for her speedy and complete healing!! ♥


  1. I'm saying a prayer for you all. I love my little ones, I have 2 dogs, and 2 cats and so far, all in good health. I lost several of my little friends this past year, and only just adopted Foster, the wonder rescue puppy! I totally emphathize.

    1. Thank you Linda!! This post was made a while ago. Abby has healed and is doing wonderfully. Thank you for your love and prayers though... I know we can always use them!! XOXO