Thursday, August 23, 2012

Abby Update... please keep the prayers coming!

Abby Update! 

Abby slept really well thru out the night. I moved her bed right next to me so I could hear her and check on her.  I got up with her around 5:30 this morning so she could have a snack and her pain med then we went back to bed. 

She's eating well and making her pottys and poops. Resting lots. The lump was removed from upper her chest, left side, so it's hard for her to find a comfie spot so we  try to keep her on her right.  The lump was sent off to be checked and we won't know if the vet got it all (she took a 2mm wide margine all the way around it out) and what the mass was until Friday or Monday but we are hoping  to get those results sooner, by angel express! :)

We are praying she got it all and that the results will show that AND show that she's cancer free! Her blood work looks excellent and the vet said the surgery couldn't have gone better. Thank you for all your prayers... we'd like to ask that you keep them coming when ever you get the chance to think about us.  Thanks you guys... I know God is working and that He hears our prayers!!


  1. Wishing your sweet pup a speedy recovery and pray for good news as a diagnosis. Our dogs are so precious to us aren't they? Big hug to Abby (don't squeeze too tight).

  2. Aww thank you so much Katherine! XO