Monday, July 9, 2012

Everyone Loves A Giveaway!

Lori Anderson is having an awesome giveaway... be sure to
 check out her blog for a chance to win!!!

Sophie got her stitches out!

Home with Sophie Rose... Stitches are out. Everything looks good. One little spot isn't healing together the right way yet and is irritated but with the stitches out, it should feel better and look better soon. Just gotta keep our eye on it. She's been going #2 each day with out any trouble, so that's AWESOME! Her new food is here... she's lost a pound, so we'll need to up it a bit. I guess feeding canned you need to feed a lot more of it then the dry? She has a little start to a potty infection and so the vet sent her home with some clavamox. Darn... just finished all her meds too. But thank you Lord that's she's home and on her way to feeling better! One more round (10 days) on the new meds... can we ask for a few more prayers over the infection, meds and continued healing? Thanks you guys for helping, praying and loving us thru this very hard time with Sophie and Bella.


~ Dhea

Friday, July 6, 2012

Bead Soup Has Arrived... Anyone Hungry?

My bead soup arrived yesterday from my partner Lorelei... and I was pleasantly surprised. Love the colors, sizes and shapes and I'm even feeling a little challenged (that's a good thing) with the stringing material which I'm excited to learn about.   

I received ...

*Bird toggle clasp by Green Girl Studios

*Pewter heart pendant and donut by Mamacita Beadworks

*Enameled Filigree Rounds (cool... I have never worked with enameled beads before)
*Ceramic Pillows by Golem Studios (LOVE these)
*Purple lampwork spacers by Guy Melamed

*Ceramic Pendant by Marsha Neal Studios

*Pale green 6mm Lucite rounds
*Length of green waxed linen cording (which I have never worked
with before and am excited to try!)

Lorelei took really good care of me. :) Be sure to check back and see what I make with all the pretties she picked out for me. AND be sure to check out her blog so you can see all the goodies I sent her (she posted pictures today) and see what she makes with them. :)

Our finished jewelry reveal day for the Bead Soup Blog Party is August 11th!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey Everyone... just a little note to let you know we are having a Sale on our website to help pay the vet bill for all the love and care we received in taking care of our sweet Bella and Sophie Rose. 

Even with Russ working now, the bill  was to much for us to take on AND pay bills, groceries, etc. So, we have to run a sale. If you could share this link with your friends, on your facebook page or blog, that would be great!

To receive 40% OFF of our jewelry, please shop using this link:

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We can't combine the checkouts for both sales, so if you'd like to get beads AND jewelry, you can either check out for each on their own, OR email us and we'll send you a paypal payment request. Thank you!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bead Soup Partner

I wanted to mention one more thing... and I feel so bad that I'm so late in mentioning this (it's been hard to even want to get on the computer after the things we have gone thru this last week)... BUT  I received my partner for the Bead Soup Exchange & Blog Party. Her name is Lorelei and she's a jewelry designer. She loves a lot of the same things I do as far as earthy tones, boro and chunky beads go.

 We have exchanged a few emails and are getting to know each other.   She works full time in an art museum (how neat!)  She's been making beaded jewelry since 2007 and has been in 4 of the 6 Bead Soup exchanges. This is my first time... so Lorelei , I hope I did a good job in what I sent you!

Both of us have mailed our bead soup mixes to each other and are anxiously waiting to see what we sent. Each person participating had to send a nice focal, a pretty clasp and accent beads to get worked into a design and shared on a special reveal date which is August 11th, here on our blogs. I hope you'll check back to see what we make!!!

Each day is getting a little easier. I'm hoping Lorelei's bead soup mix will inspire me to create again and I hope she likes what I sent her. :)  I'll try to share pictures of what she sent me just as soon as I get them in.

Here's a picture of something pretty she made recently... be sure to check out her cute blog!

Sophie Rose

Sophie Rose

Sophie is home, resting a lot and getting better and stronger with each day.
They didn't find anything causing any blockage, thank you Lord! I don't know
where that rawhide bone went to... we believe God took care of that for us but needed her to go thru this surgery to show us what was going on with Sophie so we'd know how to take care of her. I also think He knew I'd need something to help me focus on and love and care for with the passing of our sweet Bella.

 The surgery did show a thickening of the stomach where it empty's into her intestines. Which was caused from either the surgery she had from the corn cob incident when she was only a year old, or from the corn cob itself trying to push it's way thru. Which it did and was a miracle in itself. She is our little miracle dog!

So, this thickening is causing her slow motility. Which means a special diet from now on. Canned Science Diet ID, low fat. Mixed into a slurry with water, 4 times a day, for life. She's on motility meds right now. A few more days and we'll see how she does with just the new food.

All rawhides have been thrown away. Here's a picture of her learning how to enjoy her new kind of bone. Nyla bone? Kind of hard but dipped in peanut butter... she's a pretty happy girl!

We'd love it if you guys would keep our family in prayer for continued healing and comfort in every way!!!

My anniversary flowers from Russ. The one white rose, he put in there for Bella.

Bella Jo

Well it's been a very bitter sweet week for us. It was our 21st wedding  anniversary. We suddenly had to let one of our babies, Bella go to heaven Sunday. Totally out of the blue when we thought we were just working on getting her over a tummy  bug. And put Sophie our 3 year old pug baby in for emergency surgery the same day.

Bella was  11  1/2. Happy, sweet, sassy and playful. She was the mama of the 4 we have here.  Her eyes were always smiling... but Bella would actually smile for her daddy, Russ.  We prayed and believed for her healing but the Lord knew what was best for her but He chose to take her home when He did. We think He saved her from suffering. He promises that all His ways are faithful, loving and kind. And I believe in my heart that He brought her straight into His arms and kept her  safe and peaceful  until she closed her eyes here and opened them again in Heaven. 

Bella Jo... mommy and daddy love you and miss you so much.  The girls miss you! My heart is lonely for you. I know our family will be re-united again some day... what a precious day that will be!!! Until then, I know you are safe, healthy and happy and I'll think of your sweet face often and visit with you daily in my prayers !!!

Bella Jo Powers
 12/11/2000 - 6/25/2012