Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sophie Rose

Sophie Rose

Sophie is home, resting a lot and getting better and stronger with each day.
They didn't find anything causing any blockage, thank you Lord! I don't know
where that rawhide bone went to... we believe God took care of that for us but needed her to go thru this surgery to show us what was going on with Sophie so we'd know how to take care of her. I also think He knew I'd need something to help me focus on and love and care for with the passing of our sweet Bella.

 The surgery did show a thickening of the stomach where it empty's into her intestines. Which was caused from either the surgery she had from the corn cob incident when she was only a year old, or from the corn cob itself trying to push it's way thru. Which it did and was a miracle in itself. She is our little miracle dog!

So, this thickening is causing her slow motility. Which means a special diet from now on. Canned Science Diet ID, low fat. Mixed into a slurry with water, 4 times a day, for life. She's on motility meds right now. A few more days and we'll see how she does with just the new food.

All rawhides have been thrown away. Here's a picture of her learning how to enjoy her new kind of bone. Nyla bone? Kind of hard but dipped in peanut butter... she's a pretty happy girl!

We'd love it if you guys would keep our family in prayer for continued healing and comfort in every way!!!

My anniversary flowers from Russ. The one white rose, he put in there for Bella.


  1. Oh, Dhea, your Russ is a sweetheart. I'm so sorry about Bella and so thankful that Sophie is still with you. Hugs.