Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey Everyone... just a little note to let you know we are having a Sale on our website to help pay the vet bill for all the love and care we received in taking care of our sweet Bella and Sophie Rose. 

Even with Russ working now, the bill  was to much for us to take on AND pay bills, groceries, etc. So, we have to run a sale. If you could share this link with your friends, on your facebook page or blog, that would be great!

To receive 40% OFF of our jewelry, please shop using this link:

AND to receive 10% OFF our beads, please shop using this link:

We can't combine the checkouts for both sales, so if you'd like to get beads AND jewelry, you can either check out for each on their own, OR email us and we'll send you a paypal payment request. Thank you!!!

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