Monday, July 9, 2012

Sophie got her stitches out!

Home with Sophie Rose... Stitches are out. Everything looks good. One little spot isn't healing together the right way yet and is irritated but with the stitches out, it should feel better and look better soon. Just gotta keep our eye on it. She's been going #2 each day with out any trouble, so that's AWESOME! Her new food is here... she's lost a pound, so we'll need to up it a bit. I guess feeding canned you need to feed a lot more of it then the dry? She has a little start to a potty infection and so the vet sent her home with some clavamox. Darn... just finished all her meds too. But thank you Lord that's she's home and on her way to feeling better! One more round (10 days) on the new meds... can we ask for a few more prayers over the infection, meds and continued healing? Thanks you guys for helping, praying and loving us thru this very hard time with Sophie and Bella.


~ Dhea