Monday, August 27, 2012

♥ Abby Update ♥

♥ Abby Update ♥ ...

She's off her pain meds today. Doc said she can have it for only 5-7 days because it's not one safe for long periods of time. So we felt today was the day. She seems to be doing well and we pray over her often to ask...Him to keep her comfie. She is resting well, eating and even trying to jump off and on the couch and chase dogs & horses on the TV.

The doc/lab is running some further testing on the tumor cells. It's called a PCR test if you'd like to look into it... it's hard to explain. We are expecting to get to continue to see God's faithfulness and love come thru in these results just like He's been showing us thru this entire process. I know He will continue to show up and show out and we can rejoice and give Him all the glory!!! :)

We'd like to request continued prayers for our girl and her mommy & daddy. :) Thank you!!

P.S. Russ picked her out a pink t-shirt, isn't she cute? She's been scratching at her ouchie a bit so we are hoping this will help!

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